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Tune and Song Research Links

Fake Book Index
Andy Robinson's Fake Book Index. It is a search page which enables you to find (mostly jazz) tunes in fake books. It has the indexes of (currently) 26 fake books and you simply type all or part of the title you are looking for and hit "Search", and it tells you which books contain this title. You can tell it which books to search (for instance, to search just the books you own) and you can have it remember your book list for next time you visit.

Fake Book Search
Jazz Pianist Alex Quinn's Fake book search. 27,000 song entries are in the database, including lots of jazz as well as popular, Latin, classical, and country.

University Of Buffalo Fake Book Search
Search by title composer, lyricist and fake book.

University Of Washington Popular Song Database
Indexes song titles in some collections held by the Music Library that are not indexed in the Libraries catalog or not included in Where's that tune? : an index to songs in fakebooks by William D. Goodfellow

Fake Book & Real Book - Finder's Index. Covers many traditional tunes. Over 50 Fake books are in the index.

Second Hand Songs A Cover Songs Database. Find out who performed the original version of a particular song, or who covered that song. The database contains 49831 songs (12297 originals, 36113 cover songs and 1421 songs with samples) and 18546 artists (performers and songwriters).

Jazz Standards
Jeremy Wilson's centralized information source for the songs and instrumentals jazz musicians play the most. It documents the origin, musical analyses, jazz histories, anecdotes, biographies of many jazz standards. There is a top 1000 jazz standards ranked.

The MudCat Cafe
The Mudcat Cafe and The Digital Tradition are dedicated to the preservation and appreciation of blues and folk music.

Real Book Listening Guide
This web site is a resource for Jazz students who are learning tunes from the Real Book. It has links to samples on The 1st minute of an audio sample is often sufficient to hear the head of most of the tunes in the Real Book.


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