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Composer & Arranger

Alisdair MacRae Birch Arranging  


MIDI Files

MIDI Sequence File Arrangements that I created for IBM Demonstrations.


Leadsheets and MIDI Sequences of Original Compositions.


I offer the full range of musical services including:

  • Basic Chord Charts to Lead Sheets and Full Arrangements including:

    • Rhythm Chart Notation

    • Notated Instrumental Parts and Lead Sheets

    • Notated Lyric Sheets

    • Guitar/Bass Tablature

  • MIDI File created from your new charts

  • Transcription service

  • Arrangements of popular songs for all types of ensemble.

  • Reducing scores to rehearsal lead sheet.

  • Midi File Production and Sequencing.

  • Converting midi files to score and parts.

  • Editing & customizing of midi backing tracks.

  • The re-orchestration of scores to suite a different set of musicians.

  • Original Music for Film, Jingle of Multimedia Projects

  • All musical scores and parts are computer generated using Sibelius or Finale

  • Teaching Computer Arranging and MIDI file Production