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Band-In-A-Box Links

This list was created and is maintained by Alisdair MacRae Birch. If there are dead links, changes needed, or you wish to submit a new site (with reciprocal link), or just found this useful please email me at:

The Band-In-A-Box Users Webring. The Independent Web ring for users of PG Music's Band-In-A-Box has many sites. It is an easy way to navigate around web sites that have BIAB information and files and it is FREE to join.

Song Archives

The Independent Band-In-A-Box User Group The FREE and growing newsgroup on Yahoo of BIAB users. This site has the largest BIAB file collection on the web. It even ran out of Yahoo allocated disk space and so had to set-up another group to archive it's zip file collection. The BIAB File Archive is here.

MMissary BIAB Page Marty Ward's site has one of the largest collections of BIAB Files.

Allanah Fuhre's BIAB and Midi Files page.

Wes's Wonderful World Wesley Dicks' site (and you thought "www" meant "world wide web") which has the webs largest collection of BiaB song files. You can find them  in his Song area

Band-in-a-Box Music Group French site, but very easy to navigate. Has a number of songs and styles with a French focus.  Scared of French, well use Alta Vista's Systran to translate the page, click here. Merci de votre visite et à bientôt.

Dave Butler's Music Page Pop song fake "books" and tunes made with BiaB.

The Midi Studio Consortium BiaB Archive Another BiaB archive of songs, Jazz, Pop, Latin and User Styles.

Bluegrass Midi Files - David Marshall's UK site which is dedicated to Bluegrass midi and BiaB files.

Alf's Place - Alf Warnock from Ottawa, Canada has a very nice site with lots of BIAB files of Celtic music. He also has written a program to convert BIAB files to abc format, a language designed to notate tunes in an ascii format. There are many links on his page to abc programs, faq's etc.

Gilles "Champ" Champagne's Original Compositions - Ottawa's Champ, one of the old school or Jazz composers and arrangers, made his original compositions available in MIDI and BiaB format. Champ unfortunately passed away on New Year's Eve 1999, luckily for us his website survives. Get these songs while you still can.

Paolo Agliano Jazz Pages Some very useful transcriptions of contemporary jazz songs by Keith Jarrett, Chick Corea, etc, with accompanying BIAB sound files.

La Pagina De Vermin A huge Spanish archive of BIAB songs.

Band in A Box Files to Download Charles Gleason's site with lots of BiaB song files to download.

Add-On Programs and Styles

Music and Midi Tools Canadian Denis Ladouceur has produced two add-on products for BiaB:

  • The Song Librarian - Manages song files, designed for live performance use, creating sets and having a quick search function.

  • The Style Librarian - Manages "User" Styles in BiaB, by adding user categories, adding user styles, moving and copying styles from a category to another category, finding duplicate styles, printing styles' list, generating  a new BBW.LST file

Biabconverter - Alain Brenzikofer perl script that reads BIAB files and produces MMA and Lilypond output. MMA (Musical Midi Accompaniment) is an open source accompaniment software to produce MIDI from Chord Changes and Lilypond is open source notation software output.

BBFinder Home Page - Italian, Stefano Lazzaretto, has produced an excellent program for managing BiaB songs. It finds all BiaB format songs in all subdirectories. A list is generated which displays the name (long file names are

Finetuned Styles for Band in a Box - Chuck and Janice McDonald add-on styles for Band-in-a-Box. Their styles dictate to the bass player how and where he 'walks' to the next chord. Each Finetuned Style comes in all 12 keys. As long as you match the Finetuned Style's key to the key signature in your Band in a Box song, the Finetuned Style will walk to any 4th or 5th interval. Just like a studio bass player.

BIAB Styles For Songwriters Gem Hugh's Site with demo MIDI files of his styles.

The Song/Style Launcher for BiaB - Developed by Stefan Kuske this program allows you to open song files with BiaB just by double-clicking the file you want to open. You can also browse through your song / style collection without moving through the BiaB Open File Menu for each file and more. shareware. registration is $8.95. 

Norton Music - Bob "Notes" Norton creates and sells a number of products for BiaB:

  • "Style" disks for BiaB. Currently there are 10 disks available.

  • "Style and song" disks produced by British Jazz Educator Roy Hawkesford, which contain 11 styles and 50 songs per disk. Currently there are 6 disks available.

  • Fake book disks containing chord progressions only, with no copyrighted melodies or lyrics on the disks. The song titles are used only to identify a particular type of chord progression. Currently there are 20 disks available. Each of the disks has chord progressions similar to those in the following books. Each disk corresponds to one book. Variety, The Ultimate Pop/Rock Fake Book, Dick Hyman's Pro. Chord Changes and Substitutions (Vol.1), The Great Rock Fake Book, The Ultimate Jazz Fake book, The Blues Fake book, Best Known Latin Songs, The Best Chord Changes for the Most Requested Standards, The Best Chord Changes for the Best Standards Ever, The Best Chord Changes for the Best Known Songs, The Best Chord Changes for the World's Greatest Standards, The Best Chord Changes for the Most Popular Songs, The Ultimate Country Fake Book, Dick Hyman's All The Right Changes (Vol.2). Saves you a lot of time typing in chords.

Music Courses

Rick Campbell's World Rich has self-produced a BIAB instructional DVD "Band In A Box Made Easy". This instructional video is especially for people who want to use Band In A Box to create accompaniment tracks. The DVD is about 1:15 and is broken down into 16 individual tracks so that you can quickly access the topics you want to watch.

Larry N. Bolch's Visual Communications A series of great tutorials on using BIAB.

KBA (Knowledge Building Activities) Software Shareware Music Fundamentals course developed by Dr. Gilbert Trythall, Professor Emeritus at West Virginia University. The course can be downloaded from this site in a self-extracting zip file. The zip file contains The Music Fundamentals Manual (without Appendix and Index) in Adobe Acrobat Reader format and all 40 BiaB (WIN 95, 98, NT format) lead sheet exercises.  Dr. Gilbert Trythall also does some highly recommended ear training software programs. Highly recommended.

BIAB Ver 8.0 Online Tutorial Joseph C. Bernert pages showing how to use Band In a Box, very helpful to beginners. 

Enhancing A Simple BIAB File Nice simple tutorial.

George Wixon Jr's Has some great BIAB tutorial's. Must Visit.


Alternatives To Band-In-A-Box

Jammer SoundTrek's JAMMER Professional software, you can instantly create musical accompaniment and full arrangements of popular songs and original music in a wide variety of styles.

MMA "Musical MIDI Accompaniment" is an accompaniment generator - it creates midi tracks for a soloist to perform over from a user supplied file containing chords and MMA directives.

Mibac Jazz Mibac Jazz is an auto-accompaniment prgram which runs on Windows and MacOS

Pymprovisator Pymprovisator runs on several operating systems: Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, BeOS, MacOS and any other O.S. capable of running the Python programming language.

Onyx NTONYX Stand-alone sequencer/arranger for intelligent generation and transformation of a MIDI-song (Standard MIDI File) for Win9x/ME/NT/2000/XP

One Man Band Jos Maas' One Man Band is a combination of a virtual arranger keyboard, a style based sequencer/arranger and a style editor. It utilizes standard style files compatible with the styles used in Yamaha PSR, DGX and Tyros arranger keyboards. It can play the thousands of Yamaha styles that are available on internet and it can create styles that can be played on a Yamaha keyboard.

Busker - Song Arranger Another program by Jos Maas that enables you to copy a song from a songbook by dragging notes, chords and other symbols to staff lines until you have the same picture as in the songbook. Choose a style and a melody instrument and play.

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