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Band-In-A-Box Web Ring

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Band In A Box Users Webring

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The Independent Band-In-A-Box Webring has of some of the best sites by BIAB users. On every page which belongs to the ring you will find a next link that will bring you to the next site in the ring, allowing you to move from one site to the next until eventually you get back to where you started. 

To join the BIAB Webring there are a few requirements your site must meet before we can add your site:

  • Your pages must pertain to Band-In-A-Box

  • The page with the Band-In-A-Box link must contain musical information, you may have links from that page to your other (non-musical) pages 

  • Sites must be or quality and show you have put some time and effort into it. If all you have is a list of links with no other information, you will not be accepted. The idea is to be creative and informative !

  • If it's still under construction, come join us when it's finished

  • Sites must have no pornography or links to pornography

  • Sites must not pertain to racism, hate, violence, or abuse to man nor beast

  • Sites that are only one page do not qualify

  • Sites that steal bandwidth, using a link to an image source or music found on other sites do not qualify ! If you have any questions about this practice, please go to Web Prestige and read up on it

If your pages do not or can not conform to these guidelines, please do not go any further. We strive to maintain one of the best ways of finding quality Band-In-A-Box information on the web! Sites that do not meet these requirements will not be accepted into the Band-In-A-Box Webring. To get help on joining the webring see Webring Help additional independent help can be obtained from Andrea's Website

Step 1: Submit Your Site To The Band-In-A-Box Webring Review. If you have an existing webring id you can use that otherwise you can sign up to get one here:

Click here to Submit Your Site for Review

Step 2: Add the Code - You have two alternatives. 

2.1 Webring Server Side Navigation Bar (SSNB). The easiest is to put the code that Webring provides on your site. See Webring Help

2.2 Customized HTML. If you wish to use the customized code you will need the site ID number assigned to you by the ring. You'll see it in the application confirmation email. Then enter that number in the form below and click "Get HTML Fragment". Copy the fragment from the next page and paste it on your site and make no changes to it.

Ring ID:
Site ID #:  

Thanks to Phil Preen for hosting the custom code generator.

Or Cut and Paste the code below substituting --id-- with your site id where indicated.

<!--- begin Band In A Box webring code fragment -->
<td width="263" bgcolor="#C0C0C0"bordercolor="#800080">
<p align="center"><font size="1"><b><img border="0" src="" align="absmiddle" width="50" height="50"><a href=";home"
target="_top">Band In A Box Users Webring</a></b></font></p>
<td width="263" bgcolor="#C0C0C0"bordercolor="#800080">
<p align="center"><font size="1">| <a href=";id=--id--;next" target="_top">Next</a> |
<a href=";id=--id--;prev"
target="_top"> Previous</a> |
<a href=";random"
target="_top">Random</a> |
<a href=";list"
target="_top">List All</a> |</font></p>
<!--- end Band In A Box webring code fragment -->