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Some of the software I use include:

  • Sibelius Notation Software

  • Coda Music's Finale

  • Steinberg Cubase

  • PG Music's Band-In-A-Box

  • Soundtrek Jammer

  • Roland's Singer Songwriter Software


The leading Worldwide notation package. Incredibly easy to use, very modern in design and extremely flexible.

Coda Music Finale

The leading USA notation package. They have an excellent free cut-down version called Notepad, and an entry level package Printmusic and Allegro.

PG Music's Band-In-A-Box

Band-In-A-Box (BiaB) is an automatic accompaniment program for Windows/DOS and Macintosh. You type in the chord symbols to any song, using standard chord symbols like C, Fm7, Cm7b5 etc. choose a style and press PLAY. Band-in-a-Box then generates a pro quality 5 instrument accompaniment of bass, drums, piano, guitar and strings in over 100 styles of music. Every musician who owns a computer should have a copy of this software, it's great for trying out new ideas, for practicing improvising, for composing, for printing out "quick" lead sheets.

Old but useful Additions to the program

Bitmap.drv This driver works as a print device, allowing anything that is normally sent to the printer to be written to a windows bitmap file (*.bmp). Very useful as it will allow you to get a bitmap image of BIAB notation.

Chord v1.2 Uwe Dieckmann wrote this nice DOS program which finds chords and lyrics in Band-In-A-Box-Files and writes them to a ASCII file.

LeadSheet ( formerly know as Chord Converter ) -  this program will allow you to convert the song files from BiaB (.sg*- and .mg*-files) into the Finale 97/98 ETF-format.

Note that these files are in zip format and you will need to unzip them. Click here to down load and evaluation version of winzip.

Soundtrek Jammer

Automated music composition and MIDI Sequencer software for Windows similar in function to BIAB but providing a different, perhaps more live feel to the sequence.

Roland Singer Songwriter Studio

A MIDI sequencer and Automatic Accompaniment program originally shipped with the Roland GI-10.

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