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Band-In-A-Box Discussion Group

PG Music's Intelligent Music Accompaniment Software was originally the "brain child" of Peter Gannon, who developed it to give himself and his eldest brother Oliver Gannon, a jazz guitarist, a program which they could use to practice their improvisation.

In 1989, I bought a copy of the first release available on MS-DOS. Back in those days, the software did not have the capabilities that it does now, but much to PG Music's credit they managed to maintain backward compatibility as they enhanced their product. (You can read more about the Internet, Jazz Guitar and Music in an article I wrote for Just Jazz Guitar Magazine).

As a consequence of using the product in my composing and teaching many of my colleagues and students purchased the product.

As the product developed more and more people kept asking me for help with using the product and so in conjunction with some colleagues and students I set-up the independent user group for PG Music's Band-In-A-Box program. Incidentally, the group popularized the term BIAB for Band-In-A-Box.

All are welcome to join and membership is FREE. The purpose of the group is to:

  • Exchange and Share BIAB files *.sgu, *.mgu, *.sty etc created by our members

  • Get to know other members

  • Exchange hints and tips

  • Build and Maintain a File Repository of BIAB Files

The group has now a separate BIAB File Archive, where they have zipped collections of files. The BIAB File Archive is here.


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